Arizer Go Review – A Simple Dry Herb Vaporizer Everyone Should Own

arizer go small portable vaporizer 1 1
arizer go small portable vaporizer 1 1
Arizer Go (Argo) Dry Herb Vaporizer Review
The Arizer Go Dry Herb Vaporizer is a brilliant little machine, of the quality we have come to expect from the Canadian company.

I personally give it a high rating across the board but discretion and portability are where it really shines. The little carry case that comes with, the interchangeable battery and the ability to carry extra tubes pre-filled is where it really won me over.

It is also well built. having lasted many a bounce off the floor (not recommended).

It isn't as glamorous as some devices like the Pax 3 but it is a much better vaping experience in my opinion.

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Quick thoughts on the Arizer ARGO Vaporizer

The Arizer Go, is the latest device from Canadian Vaporizer manufacturer that brought us the Solo and the Air models.

Like its predecessors, the ArGo Vaporizer features an all glass vapor path, precise temperature control and a removable battery. And, this is all packed together into a compact, portable device. Something the previous Arizer vapes struggled with.

After the success of the previous devices, I was excited to get my hands on the Argo Vape, only having done so near the end of 2018. Just like all their other vaporizers, It doesn’t disappoint. If I was to have a think about the vape I’d save in an emergency it wouldn’t take all that long.

arizer go and the dynavap are my 2 go to portable vaporizers

Although I’d probably have room for 2, the ArGo is one of them… and, the other is? My Omnivap Titanium XL.

I mean we all need an apocalypse vape as well…. right? Haha!

Anyway, If you are wondering why I would pick this device, keep on reading. If you are new to vaping, you can check out my beginner’s guide to vaping marijuana.

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How The ARGO Vaporizer Works.

kinnoull hill arizer go

One of the main reasons I love the Arizer Go is due to its simplicity. In terms of an electronic device, there is nothing to it. But, it works well, which is precisely what I want in a daytime/travel cannabis vaporizer.

In short, the Arizer consists of a heater which is at the bottom of the glass ‘holding’ chamber. The Glass tube sits above the heater resulting in a convection vaping experience. Well, sort of.

It works like a convection vaporizer, but due to the small compact size, the tube around the herb gets heated causing a bit of conduction at the same time. If you want to know more about the different vaping types we spent hours writing this cannabis vaporizer heater comparison guide

Loading The Aizer Go Vape With Cannabis

arrizer go vaping guide

To load the Arizer Go, you just push down on the mouthpiece protector to expose the glass tube, then pull it out from the heating chamber.

Then pack your marijuana or other herbs into the bowl which is on the bottom of the tube, and tap it down a little.

Once the glass tube is loaded push it back into the device.

how to clean your arizer go

Note: I do not use a mesh screen. The tube has 4 small holes which are sufficient enough to stop any herb coming through.

It is important to use a medium to coarse grind with the ArGo to help maintain a decent amount of airflow through the herb.

You can see my favorite marijuana grinders here.

Get Ready to Vape the Arizer Argo Vape

To turn the unit on, press and hold the ‘menu’ and the ‘+’ buttons at the same time. The screen will illuminate and count down from anywhere between 2-8 seconds depending on where you set it (an additional safety feature).

You continue holding the ‘menu’ and ‘+’ buttons until the unit beeps and greets you with a smile.

arizer go argo menu buttons controls

To adjust the temperature on the device, press the ‘+’ or ‘–’ buttons until you are satisfied with the setting.

The Arizer Go then takes about a minute to reach temperature, and it will beep to let you know when it gets there.

You can now begin to take draws from the glass mouthpiece.

It is worth noting: the device will remember your last temperature setting, but it will not start heating until you press either the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons. It will then begin to climb up to the last temperature it was set at or the new one you just set.

I had forgotten to do this a few times and ended up trying to vape it when it hadn’t even started heating…doh.

Arizer Go Review

In the next part, we will break the review down into manageable sections to help you better understand all the different features. And, help you decide if this is the dry herb vaporizer for you.

Build Quality

I have had the ArGo for approximately 5 months at the time of writing this review, and it still looks and works like new. It is a simple but effective design.

Going of experience with its predecessors, You can usually count on Arizer to produce a sturdy device. The only thing you need to worry about is the glass, but they have even made that a lot safer this time around by hiding most of it in the unit.

mouth guard button for the arizer go

To protect the mouthpiece, you press the button on the back of the vape. It releases the glass guard which then springs up over the mouthpiece.

The moving parts were a minor concern when I bought the device, but both mine and my friends’ have yet to present any issues.

The display on the ArGo is simple but clear and easy to read. Also, You can adjust the brightness to save battery power. Mine is set pretty low, and I can still read it clear as day.

The Vaporizer does get quite hot by the middle to the end of the session. Due to its small size, it is pretty much unavoidable and in my opinion, it is not much of a problem, but worth mentioning.

The stems for the ArGo are small and quite robust. I have yet to break one in 5 or so months which is good going for me. (I’ve gone through three quartz banger in this time).

Note: the tubes are not compatible with any of the older Arizer devices.

Discretion and Portability

arizer go with carry case and spare tube

Another reason I absolutely love this thing is its portability. Arizer has really gone all in on it, shrinking it down to a mere 90mm in height.

Also, it comes with a spare tube and a carry case in the box. The case has a sleeve on either side for 2 spare tubes, or in my case, 1 tube and 1 battery.

What more could you want for a portable device?

This is by far the most portable unit Arizer have made to date and not before time. The most significant improvement in its portability is the glass tube being hidden in the device.

The issue with the older Arizer vapes was the glass stem sticking out by a long way. You basically had to remove it for transportation.

As well as being highly portable, it is also quite discreet. As long as you aren’t vaping it right next to someone, people are only going to assume you have an e-cigarette due to the boxiness of the device.

Also, it doesn’t produce massive clouds of vapor like my Boundless Tera, so you aren’t going to stand out.

The number one reason that I would pick this over many other devices is due to the fact I take it everywhere with me. If I leave the house, I fill up both aroma tubes, put it in its case then set off.

Once I have finished one bowl, I slide the tube out and replace it with the other.

No-Fuss, No Mess and no one wondering what you are up to.

It is worth noting here, that there is an odor expelled from the device when it is not in use. The case that it comes with is not smell-proof and the ‘preloaded’ tubes mouthpiece will be exposed to the elements and will release a smell.

We have written an article on the smell coming from vaporizers and how to how to minimize it.

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Vapor Quality

Just like the rest of the Arizer vaporizers, the glass aroma tube of the ArGo ensures a pure and flavorful session from the first draw to last.

This little thing seems to preserve the flavor of the herb for more draws than any other portable device I have tried.

My Tubo Evic is a level above but its a house portable for me. It never leaves the side of my sofa.

I fill the aroma tubes of the ArGo with approx 0.15grams of Marijuana, set the temperature to 400°F (204°C) and have the timer on the device configured to 10 minutes.

I manage to get in the region of 10-15 draws in this time depending on the quality of the herb.

400°F is on the higher end of the recommended vaping temperatures, but this is my sweet spot as I can get some nice visible vapor from the 1sr or second draw.

If you are looking for big clouds, the ArGo is probably not the device for you. However, It is no slouch of a dry herb vaporizer. However, when you compare it to the likes of The VapeXhale Cloud Evo desktop device – It’s like comparing a campfire to a forest fire.

Speaking of fire, The vapor gets hot. It is manageable, but this is another reason I’d recommend starting at a higher temperature and having a shorter session.


As previously mentioned, I only use about 0.15grams for every session. I could have about 8 sessions for every mediocre joint I used to roll.

I don’t have 8 sessions in a day now when I would probably smoke 3 or 4 joints, so it is safe to say, it is more efficient than smoking.

Moreover, I would go as far as saying, along with my Dynavap, The ArGo is by far the most efficient vape I have owned. Maybe even slightly better than it.


The Potency isn’t the Arizer Go’s strong point. It does get you to where you need to be, but it can take a couple of bowls. So roughly 0.3grams.

However. It gives me what I need from it. As I previously said, this thing comes with me everywhere. So when I am out and about, I don’t want to get blitzed and end up a fumbling mess in the middle of Walmart.

Potency for me is always subjective to each individual. My tolerance levels are insane, and I still use the ArGo daily.

Battery & Charging

The battery in the Arizer Go is a removable 18650 which is provided with the kit. It appears to be the same battery that is included with the Arizer Air 2.

arizer go that comes with spare battery

When the battery was new, it was lasting up to an hour and 15 minutes of pure vaping time. As it got older the time diminished slightly. Not to worry though, I have about 20 spares from my e-cigarette.

You should get at least one spare battery, so you ‘essentially’ never run out!

You can charge the battery in the device which will take a couple of hours. I would highly recommend getting a charger like mine. I have the nitecore i4, but they also do a 2 battery version called the i2.

Ease of use

I am delighted to see that ArGo has continued the use of precise temperature control that was seen on the latest models of the Solo and Air.

It has a temperature range from 112° to 428°F (45 to 220°C). So, there is a temperature for everyone.

The Arizer Go is the simplest battery powered portable vaporizer on the market that is worth its weight in vape.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the ArGo is a breeze. You just remove the tube from the device, Remove the herb from the end then give it a clean.

clean arizer go tube in isopropyl alcohol

To do this, I grab a sandwich bag or something similar, Pour in a little Isopropyl alcohol (or the cleaning solution of your choice). Then place the tube in the bag, lying flat along the bottom and in the center.

I then swish the alcohol back and forth through the tube until it is clean.

Finally, I remove the tube from the bag, rinse it with some boiling water and leave it to dry.

The device itself needs minimal cleaning, Every now and then I will get a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and clean the inside of the chamber and down to the heater.


arizer go with the water pipe attachment tube

There are many accessories available for the Arizer go. Most notably the Water pipe attachment.

There is also the option to buy spare aroma tubes, cases, and chargers from Arizer themselves. And various third part accessories like smell proof bags and bubbler attachments.

The Final Puff

The Arizer Go is probably the most portable friendly vaporizers on the market that actually works really well. They have thought of almost everything when it comes to people that get out and about in the world while still getting medicated.

When it comes to big visible vapor clouds, I found the ArGo to bet lacking a little, but the sessions are a decent length for such a small amount of weed used. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed in that department, but it is worth noting.

The simplicity of use is the ArGo’s defining point. It is quite simply the most straightforward and practical portable vaporizer I have had the pleasure of owning.

There is no fancy apps with auto heating and cooling like the pax 3 but do you really need that? I didn’t.

And as I said, It is in my top 2 portable devices right next to the game-changing Omnivape XL.

arizer go dry herb vaporizer full review

As the title says, I think it is a device that everyone should own, and If you are a beginner, this is where you should start.

If you have any Questions about the ArGo or need any help to get going with it, drop me a comment below.

I love hearing from you guys and will answer as many people as possible.

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Thanks for reading

Stay Elevated
Jack OG

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