Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Grinder Review – Is it Worth the Price?

kannastor grinder review 1 1
kannastor grinder review 1 1
Kannastor GR8TR V2 Grinder Rating
This Herb Grinder Is A Moster
The Kannastor Grinder is a Savage Piece of kit that won't have any issues with any Cannabis Herbs You throw at it.

It is quite big, but it's shape means it is easy to use and it actually fits in your pocket quite nice.

The 2 Grinding plates are pretty similar in grind quality so you would need to figure out which you prefer but overall I think if you are looking for a premium quality grinder that will last a lifetime, this thing is worth the extra expense.

Learn more below in my full Kannastor GR8TR V2 Review.
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What’s the Kannastor GR8TR V2 all about?

The Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder has 2 grinding plates. Certainly a first in the industry to my knowledge. They provide a fine one for your vaporizer and a medium grind plate for everything else or so they say.

It also includes an easy change Mesh Stainless steel screen for sifting, storage in the top lid, and above all, plenty of customization.

kannastor modular grinder review

The GR8TR grinder is Modular by design, allowing it to be assembled and configured in many ways. Not interested in sifting? Remove the screen to create a 3pc grinder.

Bored of the grinder?.. attach the 2 ends, so you have a little ‘very expensive’ storage container. I have intentionally left the grinder as it is in a used condition so you guys can see it as it will look most of the time.

Check the Price on Amazon, Everyonedoesit or Puffitup.

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Build Quality

For the price of the Kannastor Gr8tr V2 Grinder, you would expect it to be of a very high standard and possibly come with its own zip code and you would be correct….

Well about the build quality. Most parts of the modular design have been machine carved from solid aluminum and you can tell. Everything glides together perfectly.

My grinder has also spent a lot of time in a bag with other grinders and jars and, it hasn’t picked up any serious marks.

kannastor gr8tr grinder non stick resin ring

The GR8TR also has an anti-friction ring on the top part of the grinding plates which hasn’t let me down yet, even though it has some residue build up in that area.

I have yet to feel this grinder stick. 

The kief catcher screen and collection area are very well designed. The screen is of a very high standard and is removable/replaceable making it very easy to clean.

The collection area comes with a Guitar pick style scraper which fits around the curved bend of the grinder with ease. For the most part, I find pulling it as opposed to pushing the scraper gives me the fastest results when scraping it up.

kannastor gr8tr grinder kief catcher

The difference between the GR8TR grinding plates

I spent a lot of time watching the V1 Kannastor Jar Grinder without ever buying it, so when I saw this one come out with the 2 grinding plates, I had to get it, but at that price? I just couldn’t do it.

As a result, I waited for a while, then finally, I was able to pick it up on Black Friday with 30% off from Namaste Vapes. It was a hard wait, but I managed.

By the way, I still begrudgingly spent approximately $60 on a grinder. That was a lot of money for me, especially for a grinder.

Anyway, after it arrived, I stared in aw for a while thinking, wtf do I do with this?! At the time it had the medium grind plate on and I spent a lot of time using my Arizer Go which in my opinion, needs the fluffier grind.

So, the medium on the Kannastor was perfect for it, and I never changed or tried the fine plate until I sat down to do this review.

So what’s the difference?

A few days ago I decided I’d try the fine grinding plate and use the superfine weed in my Tubo Evic and Vape Xhale Cloud Evo. These vaporizers don’t need to be packed tight.

Therefore, you get good heat coverage on the weed, and as a result, I should get some excellent quality vapor with a finer grind. 

kannastor gr8tr grinder fine vs medium grind

I wasn’t wrong.. The flavor was nothing short of sensational. The combination of the ultrafine, consistent grind and the convection heating were a match made in heaven.

The grinds above are the same quantity of weed and as you can see the medium grind is fluffier that the fine grind giving the appearance of more weed, but the finer grind has more surface area exposed.

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So, What’s the Physical difference between the plates?

kannastor gr8tr grinder grind plate holes

The only physical differences between the 2 plates are, the medium plate has larger holes. And, although it says to use fine for vaporizers,

I think the medium is also suitable, but better for conduction vaporizers and some hybrids.

To clarify, any dry herb vaporizer where you need to pack it in tighter but still need good air flow. For example, the pax 3 which we have reviewed, or the Arizer Go are good to go with this plate.

The fine plate is for your true convection vaporizers, where you don’t need to pack the weed in. As previously said, These vaporizers allow you to have loose cannabis, it leaves more surface area exposed to pick up the flavourful terpenes. so a finer grind is the key.

And, it also helps pack a punch when it comes to cloud production.

Our favorite convection vaporizers are the Vape Xhale Cloud Evo, The Ghost MV1 and the Tubo Evic.

GR8TR V2 The Grind Quality

One thing the Kannastor Grinder never fails on is the consistency of the grind. I have put many ounces through this thing using the medium grind plate, and it is the same results every time. So far the fine plate appears to be the same.

The deep grinding chamber and the large Jar section allow you to pack a lot of weed in there and it doesn’t take long to chew through it.

bud s eye view of the gr8tr grinder

It’s maybe just me losing the plot, but sometimes I think of my poor bit of weed stuck in some Indiana Jones movie because of the big inescapable walls, Or maybe i just need to get off the pot for a while ha. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Kannastor GR8TR likes to clog up the holes a bit, It can’t really be helped, can it? SLX 2.0 coating anyone?! As far as cleaning a grinder goes, it is all pretty much the same as every other.

Firstly, you take it apart as much as you possible, scrape off what you can, then clean it with boiling water or preferably some alcohol.

So on that note, the GR8TR should be up there with the worst since it has so many parts right? I’ll tell you if I ever get around to it.

Other than poking the weed out of the holes in the grinding plate, which has become more frequent with the fine plate, I have actually never cleaned the grinder since I got it.

In fact, I haven’t cleaned any of these grinders for a long time so we can compare them.

The Kannastor GR8TR V2

kannastor gr8tr grinder clean test

The GR8TR has the fine plate installed which has only had a few days use. Meanwhile, the medium plate next to it has been used for a few months.

The rest of the grinder also has some build up around the 2 surfaces that glide together when grinding, but the anti-friction ring means I haven’t noticed any negative effects yet.

SLX 2.0 Non-Stick Grinder

slx 2.0 non stick grinder review

The SLX 2.0 Grinder has honestly never been cleaned… Honestly, I mean it. I got myself a $30 voucher from Namaste Vapes when I bought my Dr dabber.

I decided to spend it on this grinder because this whole non-stick thing piqued my curiosity.

And to my surprise It appears to work. 5 weeks solid I’ve been using this thing, and both other grinders looked worse after 1 grind.

Masterdam Grinder

materdam grinder review

The Masterdam grinder Has been used for at least half a year without a clean, and it has done pretty well.

It is long past needing one, and you can feel some extra friction because of it. But, to be honest, I’ve never been disappointed with this grinder for $20 of Amazon.

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The Final Puff

As I said at the start of this review, The Kannastor GR8TR grinder is one of those things that you don’t need. You really don’t. Even if like me you need both a fine and medium grind, you could go pick 2 decent grinders cheaper than you would get this thing and they’d likely do a good job.

However, If you don’t mind spending your hard earned cash on Novelty products that actually work then this might do it for you. You will get a premium quality Grinder that can produce different results from the 2 plates, and contrary to popular belief, both grinding plates serve their purpose in the vaping world.

I will honestly say that even though I bought it through gritted teeth. And, until a few days ago, I would have been telling you people with indispensable cash to go buy the SLX2.0. I have since changed my mind. The fine plate has indeed won me over.

Check out the latest prices of the Kannastor GR8TR V2 by clicking the relevant link below. 


Everyonedoesit – USACanada and The UK

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