VapeXhale Cloud EVO Review With Discount Code

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review 1 1
VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer Review 1 1
A Premium Quality Desktop Cannabis Vaporizer that Packs a Punch

Quick thoughts on the VapeXHale Cloud Evo

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a US Made, premium quality, convection heated desktop vaporizer, providing what I would consider being some of the best quality cannabis vapor I have experienced in the industry.

This is all down to the powerful heater which is wrapped around an all-glass vapor path.

Although primarily designed to vape dry herbs, it now comes with what they call a VapeXNail, so you can vape concentrates as well. And, it is surprisingly good at it. You have a few options when it comes to hydratubes for the device, or you can even go without and use your own 18mm water pipe.

I Spent Over $400 of my own cash on this thing, and as a result, I felt the need to use it solidly for the last 7 months. In that time I have got to know it pretty well.

I am happy to say that it has been a pleasant journey. I have put everything through the Cloud Evo, from Dry Herbs to waxes, shatters, and even some super squidgy ‘blue dream’ hash.

It did the job with them all to a very high level.

It's also an excellent device for group sessions. The baskets or xnail concentrate tubes are removable so you can have one each and just pass the device around.

If you want to find out in more detail what the Vapexhale Cloud Evo is all about then continue reading because there is a lot more to say.

We will cover how to use it and go into detail about all of the accessories that I own like the XNail and the Hydratubes.

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If you are looking for something that packs a similar punch but is portable, Check out our Boundless Tera V3 or Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vape Reviews otherwise keep on reading.

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How the VapeXhale Cloud Evo Works.

The Heater

Vapexhale Perpetuheat system

Inside the Cloud Evo is a ceramic heating element with a patented Perpetuheat thermal technology system which automatically adjusts the heat to the users’ inhalation rate.

As such, this ensures a consistent, smooth and excellent tasting vapor.

As illustrated above, When you inhale, the air flows up the bamboo tube past the heater, warming it up to your chosen temperature before it reaches the herb or concentrates.

The Hydratube

VapeXhale Could Evic HydroBomb and

The VapeXhale comes with a choice of some high-quality glass pieces that were designed to give you maximum cooling while maintaining a very high quality of taste.

There are 4 or 5 main hydratubes plus a few other options which we will discuss in the accessories section below.

I have the Calyx and the Hydrabomb as seen above.

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Simple Users Guide for the VapeXhale Cloud Evo

Powering on the Vapexhale

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer dials ond on off switch

First of all, plug it into the wall using the generously sized power cable.

Then toggle the power switch on, which is below the temperature dial on the device.

Then, set the temperature by adjusting the dial to your preferred setting (I always hit it at about 12 o’clock on the dial).

The light on the device will be red as it heats then it will turn to green when it reaches your set temperature and is ready to vape.

Fill the VapeXhale Baskets or Xnail.

How to Fill the Vapexhale EZload Basket

While the device is heating, you can fill your basket with some dry herb. I like to fill my baskets to approx 75% full then give it a very light tap down.

This is 0.15grams.

Tapping it down is optional, but I find the extra resistance of air through the herb gives me some really dense clouds.

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Once you have filled it, place the cap back on and put it to one side.

VapeXNail How to fill it with wax shatter resin

If you are using the Xnail for concentrates, you will want to take a tiny piece and try to get it to the bottom of the nail.

You can use your dab tool and scrape it onto the inside of the chamber through the air-hole.

I prefer to use something like shatter for the this as it is easy to handle and you can just drop it to the bottom.

Put Water in the Hydratube

Fill your Vapexhale Cloud Evo Hydratube Hydrabomb with Water

I own both the Hydrabomb and the Calyx, and they both fill the same way, which is through the mouthpiece.

The easiest way to fill it is under the tap but be careful not to drop it because it isn’t cheap to replace. You can also use a jug

Fill to just above the air holes on the percolator on your chosen water-piece, making sure not to overfill it and get any water in the bottom part of the glass. If you overload the hydratube, you could end up with water in the device which wouldn’t end well.

Take a test hit to make sure you are happy with the level before you attach it to the VapeXhale base.

Take your first hit

EZ load Bowl for the Vapexhale Cloud Evo

Place your basket (cap side up), or your VapeXnail (air hole slit at the bottom) into the top of the bamboo tube that is protruding from the top of the EVO.

Place the hydratube onto the device (be careful here), then move the whole device to your lips and start inhaling.

Hydrabom Hydratube Vapexhale cloud evo filled with vapor

I will go slow and steady here, I aim for approx 10 seconds inhale.

After a few seconds, you will see the hydratube start to fill with vapor, then when you are coming to the end of your draw, lift the tube off the base to clear the vapor.

When it comes to vaping dry herb

I will take a couple of big draws then give the basket a little stir with my dab tool. It isn’t essential because you get an excellent even extraction either way, but it adds in that little bit extra efficiency.

Once the basket is cool enough to hold, you should clean it out. Cleaning while it’s still warm is the best way to remove as much gunk as possible. Once the herb cools any excess oil will harden.

With Concentrates

I generally hit it all in one or 2 draws then remove the tube from the device. Remember it will be super hot on the bottom, so it is advisable to place it on a heatproof surface or get one of VapeXhales stands which I sadly don’t have.

You can go ahead and clean the nail right away. To do this, you turn the device up to full, leaving the nail in the device and let the excess concentrate burn away. Once the smoke has cleared, it should be clean.

I prefer to save up my nails until they are all dirty then clean them at the same time. this way I don’t have to turn the xhale up to full temperature time and time again.

Worth noting:

The Evo has an auto shut-off function. The lights on the device will start flashing from red to green which is letting you know that the heater has shut off. To reset the device just flick the power switch off and on again.

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Vape Xhale Cloud Evo Detailed Review

Build Quality

The crucial parts of the Cloud EVO are made almost entirely out of glass. The inside air path is glass, The hydratube is glass, even the body is made out of Zytel, which is a resin-filled polycarbonate.

The only thing not made of glass is the electrical components, the ceramic heating element, and the stainless steel EZ load bowls. Because of this, you should be careful when handling the device.

However, despite its seemingly fragile construction, the entire unit is very well-made. The high-quality construction makes sure that the xhale will last users many years with the right care.

I have dropped mine off the worktop onto a wooden floor, and it survived. My heart skipped a beat haha. Some others have been a lot less lucky so I don’t advise trying this out for yourself,

Vapor Quality

As previously mentioned, The VapeXhale Cloud EVO produces some of the best vapor I have experienced. The all-glass vapor path does wonders producing excellent tasting clouds.

Vapor Quality of Dry Herbs

The EVO with a fresh pack of marijuana will produce a large amount of clouds when setting from 10 o’clock and above on the dial. The lower the setting, the longer the flavor will last but with less clouds.

With a nice resinous strain of cannabis, you can easily pull 7-10 draws out of the xhale at the 10 o’clock setting. These will hold there flavor quite well. When you crank it up to 12 o’clock (my sweet spot), you get the best of both worlds. Thick, potent vapor clouds with decent flavor.

The vapor quality, for the most part, is smooth, even without water filtration although If you push it past 12 o’clock setting it can start to hit the back of the throat.

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Vapor Quality with Concentrates

I like to use the same 12 o’clock setting for concentrates as I love the flavor much better than cranking it up for that authentic hot dabbing experience.

Vapexhale Concentrates vs dry herb clouds

When you first start taking a draw, you will notice the hydratube will fill up quickly with thick vapor.

Much faster and thicker than with dry herbs. You will get about 2 decent draws before the vapor starts to thin out and taste burnt, so I tent to stop before that.

See the comparison. Concentrates (left), Dry Herbs (Right)

Overall the vapor quality on the VapeXhale Cloud Evo is superb for both dry herb and concentrates.


One of the main aims in the design of the EVO was efficiency, and it is safe to say, they have delivered.

Although it is not as efficient as something like the Arizer Go or a Dynavap VapCap, it comes pretty close. An amazing feat considering the potency of this thing.

The efficiency levels are so high due to the ability it gives you to fill your baskets with as much or as little marijuana as you want. You can extract from as little herb as 0.1grams.

No matter how much I put in this thing or whether I decide to stir the bowl or not mid-session, the AVB is always evenly roasted.

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If big dense and smelly clouds are at the top of your priority list, then there isn’t a better choice of vaporizer than the VapeXhale Cloud ECO in my opinion.

Thanks to its extremely powerful PerpetuHeat system and ceramic heating element the Cloud EVO can deliver you a constant heat by adjusting the temperature to your specific draw patterns.

As a result of all of the above, you are guaranteed to get top of the line potency from the Xhale.

Ease of use

When it comes to desktop vaporizers, the xhale is very easy to use. 1 switch, 1 dial and 2 reasonably easy ways of loading and consuming your marijuana.

The only gripe I have when using the device is the cable. It is thick and heavy so if you knock that, the whole device is going with it, which is what happened to me when I managed to knock it off the worktop. Just be more careful than me.

I own the battery-powered Dr Dabber Switch, and I can’t help but thinking the VapeXhale, and the Switch should have a baby. That’s the dream haha.

VapeXhale Cleaning and Maintenance

The device

The EVO itself doesn’t really need much cleaning at all, and it will take a lot of use before it starts to look dirty.

All you need to do is soak a q-tip in some isopropyl and clean in the top half of the bamboo tube that runs through the device.

Then use another with water to remove any excess isopropyl.


You will however need to clean the hydratubes more frequently. Although, how much will depend on how much it is used.

I will start by running hot water from the tap through the glass. Hold it there for as long as you want. This will remove most of the gunk. This is sufficient for some people.

I will then pour some isopropyl into the hydratube, making sure I use enough that some ends up in both chambers. Then I will shake it back and forth until the glass is spotless.

Follow that up with another run through of hot water, and it’s as simple as that.

EZ load bowl

First of clean as much out of the basket as you can then rinse it under the hot water as we did with the hydratubes. Then fill a little jar with isopropyl, put the lid on and give it a shake.

You can leave it to sit for a while if it needs that extra clean.


The VapeXnail glass tubes definitely need the most care. There are a few different ways we can clean them.

If you only have a couple of Xnails cleaning them right after use may be the best option for you. The easiest way to do this is to turn the heat up full on the device and let the excess oil burn out. However, this will usually only clean the bottom half of the nail.

Vapexnail before and after clean

The easiest way to clean the rest of the nail is by using a blow torch and some pliers.

Hold the nail with the pliers and heat it as you would a quartz banger, and it will come up as good as new.

See the before and after pictures.

A better but more expensive option would be to get an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. You can pick them up pretty cheap, but I’d recommend spending a little extra and getting a commercial grade one which can be upwards of $100.

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There is a wealth of accessories to be had with the VapeXhail Cloud EVO. From the Hydratubes, to the Nebula whip, The Quartz Xnails, and some wooden stands. We will run through some of them below.


Different vapexhale hydratubes 1

There are many different models of hydratube to be had. There is the Hydrabomb, the turbine and the Honeycomb for the main 3. Then there is the Calyx water piece and some Hydrabase attachments for extra stability and cooling.

I personally own the Hydrabomb and the Calyx and have used the Turbine. What I realized after trying them all is that I wasted too much time researching which one I should buy.

The difference from my experience is minimal. Pick what one you like the look of and go with it. You won’t be disappointed.

Whip Kits

Vapexhale Whip Kit

There are a few different whip kits to be had, from the more basic Nebula to the Lynx whip kit which is like a hydratube with a nebula whip on top. You can also get the Connect which is a 4-way one so you can all have a sesh together.


difference between the Quartz and Bora Vape Xnail

There are 2 different types of nails. You can have the standard bora glass xnail or the Quartz.

I have both, and in terms of usage they are both pretty similar, but I do find the quartz to be slightly easier to clean.

Worth that extra money though? I’m not sure.


There is a couple of different EVO stations available. There is one for holding your nails, and there is one that will hold your device as well. Both look nice, but it is not something I have used.

3rd party accessories

You have a wealth of different third-party accessory options available for the Vapexhale. From custom stands and heat protection sleeves to customized glass pieces. The price on these may take your breath away though.

The Final Puff

Overall the VapeXhale Cloud Evo is the first vaporizer that really got me off the joints. If you are looking for something comparable to an oldskool bong hit, then this is as close as you are going to get in the Marijuana Vaping Industry.

I was really hesitant when picking this up because it honestly doesn’t look all that much for something in the price range, but I have not been disappointed.

The Xhale is a daily driver for me and will probably stay that way for a long time.

Vapexhale Cloud Evo Review

Thanks for checking in on my VapeXhale Cloud EVO review. Let me know in the comments if you ave any questions about the EVO or any of its accessories.

Buy in the US or Canada from VapeXhale using code: VITH for 10% off

or try Puffitup.

United Kingdom Prices Here

Or just leave a comment to say Hi.

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