10 Bongs You Can Use with Your Weed Vaporizer Pen


We all love our vape pens. They are convenient, discreet, portable and pack a heck of a wallop for their size. Yet, sometimes it’s nice to fall back on old faithful. That smooth operator that lets you pull deep robust drags of silky smooth vapor without missing a beat.

We’re talking about the bong. 

Why use a bong with your vape pen? As compared to smoking from a bong, utilizing your vape pen can produce a tastier, healthier, potent means of enjoying your favorite herb. 

Not all Bongs are Compatible – but they can be with one simple accessory 

Before we dig into the top 10 bongs you can use with your herb vaporizer pen, its important to note that not all bongs will do the trick. In fact, most bongs, are not outfitted to accommodate the use of your vape pen. But that didn’t stop one innovative company from coming up with a solution.

Allow us to introduce to you a creative and highly useful vaping accessory: the Hemper Adabter. You read that right “A-Dab-Ter”. 

This accessory is important because it literally allows you to combine the two things you love most, your vape pen and your water pipe. Best of all, the accessory is not bong or pipe-specific and works with virtually any bong you have on your shelf.

With this single, cost-effective accessory, you can transform any vaporizer pen into a hybrid rig with your water pipe or bong, allowing you to take mouthwatering, potent rips that will have you on cloud nine.

How does the Abdabter Work?

We like simple and bet that you do too. If that sounds like you, then this device is a no-brainer. Simply attach your favorite herb vaporizer pen (compatible with pretty much any make or model), plug the joint, and presto! You now have a converted bong ready to utilize your vape pen on tap.

Quick Breakdown of Features:

  • Made from high quality, medical-grade silicone
  • Highly heat resistant and non-stick
  • Simple to keep clean and maintain
  • Highly durable and made to last

Now that you have your adaptor ready, its time to dig into the TOP 10 bongs to use it with. Check out our breakdown below and let us know what you think.

Without further ado and in no particular order of ranking…

1. Hemper Sea Turtle Bong

Hemper sea turtle bong

Fun and powerful, this sea-worthy bong packs a punch. The Sea Turtle Bong features include a unique sea turtle perc, stylish globe chamber and is available in green, blue, yellow, purple and orange accents. 

Quick Overview:

  • Stands at 7” tall
  • Features a straight neck
  • Numerous color accent options
  • Unique sea turtle perc
  • 14mm male flower bowl included

2. Jammer Mini-Rig by MJArsenal 

Jammer Mini rig bong

Need the portability of a vape device but don’t want to sacrifice the experience of a bong? The Jammer mini-rig is just what you’ve been looking for. This portable bong may be palm-sized, but it packs a punch and provides big rips just like its larger competitors.

Quick Overview:

  • 100% pure quartz banger perfect for lower temps
  • Superior flavor delivery
  • Base connected percolator for smooth rips
  • Extra thick and durable 4mm glass
  • Small yet solid jammer
  • Made from medical grade glass
  • Easy to clean design 

3. GRAV Helix Beaker Water Pipe

Grav Helix Bong

This GRAV Helix Beaker Water Pipe boasts a unique and innovative beaker design that is as awe-inspiring as it is functional. Its showerhead downstem works to actively diffuse vapor (or smoke) through water for a pure and smooth rip.

Unique to this bong is the Venturi chamber mouthpiece, engineered with three air intake holes that both spin and cook vapor or smoke.

Quick Overview:

  • Showerhead downstem for optimal smoke diffuse 
  • Easy to clean design
  • Innovative Venturi mouthpiece that both spins and cools smoke/vapor
  • Comes with a 14mm Helix Taster Bowl
  • Functions with just 2” of water

4. Hydra VE

Hydra VE

Carting involves utilizing your vape device in combination with your bong in order to get the most out of your cartridges. The Hydra VE is ONE of the few bongs on the market that doesn’t necessarily require the Hemper Adabpter in order to use with your herb vaporizer pen, making it a unique and value-added device for our list.

The bong incorporates a customized female spout that allows the user to pull a rip from a vape pen through the bong.

Quick Overview:

  • Designed for “carting”
  • Features a customized spout
  • Design inspired by a creative journalist from “High Times”
  • Engineered for performance and experience
  • Female spout compatible with most circular tip vaporizers
  • Easy to use: plug, pull and relax

5. Hemper Eggshell Bong

Hemper Egshell bong

Uniquely designed, the Hemper Eggshell Bong is both stylish and reliable, providing deep, rich rips with every pull and with no risk of splashback. This small tabletop bong is perfect for individual use or sharing with a friend, and is economically priced, making it a great value add to this list.

Quick Overview:

  • Boiler dome top
  • Simple 4-slit diffuser downstem
  • Impressive percolation
  • 45-degree angle mouthpiece and downstem prevent splashback
  • Includes Eggshell bong and 14mm male joint flower bowl 

6. Lunar Lander Bong

hemper lunar lander

Another innovative first from Hemper, the Lunar Lander Bong is literally out of this world. The bong features a space-inspired design sporting duel chambers for massive rips and a smooth vapor or smoke every single time. Duel chambers allow for TWICE the air volume for massive vapor or smoke clouds.

Additionally, the glass features a classically styled showerhead style perc and impressive Venturi air vents to spin smoke or vapor for additional cooling. 

Quick Overview:

  • Duel chambers (2x air capacity)
  • Venturi air vents for enhanced circulation, cooling and spin
  • Space-inspired design
  • Showerhead perc
  • 14mm male bowl 
  • 10” height

7. Leafly Strain Tile Beaker Bong

leafly strain tile bong

Solid, durable, and classically designed in a beaker-style, the Leafly Strain Tile Beaker Bong is a tried and true classic. Featuring a wrapped mouthpiece, solid construction and a female diffused downstem, this bong is simple and effective.

Quick Overview:

  • 12” beaker bong
  • Removable 18.8mm to 14.5mm female diffused downstem
  • Strong 5mm borosilicate glass
  • 45 degree joint 
  • Branded glass

8. Jane West Beaker

Jane West Beaker Bong

Touted as the future of modern glassware, the Jane West Beaker sets a new standard in elegance, contemporary design and function. This tabletop bong is discreet and high performance, featuring a diffused downstem, hand-finished joints and large capacity funnel bowl.

Quick Overview:

  • Sleek design 
  • Fixed diffused downstem
  • Hand-finished joints 
  • Durable construction
  • Matching 14mm cobalt funnel bowel 
  • Large capacity 
  • Includes one beaker and one matching flower bowl 

9. Marley Natural RISE UP™ Bubbler

Marley natural Rise up bong

Bob Marley fan? Who isn’t! With the Marley Natural RISE UP™ Bubbler you too can pay homeage to the spirit of Marley. This unique bong features emblazoned scarlet letters adorned across exquisitely crafted borosilicate glass. Features include an impressive water filtration system, built-in ash catcher and extended mouthpiece.

Quick Overview:

  • Unique “Rise Up” Marley branded design
  • Engineered for powerful water filtration 
  • Silky smooth rips
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Extended mouthpiece allows for further cooling

10. The Hemper Beast Bong

hemper beast bong

Ranking among the biggest and baddest, the Hemper Beast Bong sports a classic beaker base water pipe design that is supersized to an impressive 18”. Notable features include a circ percolator and ice pinch. Expansive water reservoir prevents splashback and superior cooling.

Quick Overview:

  • Massive 18” glass 
  • Straight neck
  • Showerhead percolator
  • 14mm female joint
  • Impressive water reservoir 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance 
  • Incredibly large rips

Using Your Herb Vaporizer Pen with a Bong Has Never Been Easier 

With the advent of affordable and effective accessories such as the Hemper Adabter, vaping enthusiasts everywhere can now retrofit virtually ANY bong of their choosing to work with their favorite herb vaporizer pen. We hope that you found this guide helpful from Hemper. Enjoy responsibly! 

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