Do Cannabis Vaporizers Smell Strong and How To Minimize it?

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I’m sure by now you have been Intrigued by the many benefits of a Cannabis Vaporizers but are still wondering how much do they smell? Is it bad? Is it detectable? 

Does Vapor from your Cannabis Vaporizer smell? The short answer is Yes, but, a lot depends on the vaporizer you use and the form of weed you decide to consume. However, You can take control of these factors, which I will explain more in detail below.


How Strong Do Cannabis Vapes Smell?

As with virtually everything on the internet, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about vaping. One of which is, that there are odorless dry herb vaporizers. Don’t fall for that one.

The truth is that the smell coming from a vaporizer will depend on what form of cannabis you vaporize! How strongly that vapor smells (and how quickly it can be detected) depend on whether you use dry, cured buds or cannabis extracts, plus the strain and purity of your herb can be factored in also. 

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The good news is that vaping has been shown to be far less detectable than smoking weed when it comes to smell. However, the intelligent vaping enthusiast doesn’t just know the ‘what’ but also understands the ‘why’.

It helps you stay one step ahead of the enemy or your Weed hogging friends or maybe even the law

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Why does Weed Vapor Smell Less?

A large part of the growing popularity of weed vaporizers stems from their solid (and thoroughly deserved) reputation for being less detectable.

To understand why there is a difference between the odor produced by vaping and by smoking weed, you need to know how each works.

Smoking Weed

the difference between cannabis smoke and vapor

Smoking weed in a joint means burning the bud and inhaling the fumes that are released. The thing about burning is that it creates smoke.

While smoke might seem like a gas, it contains a relatively high percentage of solid particles of whatever is burnt.

So, when you smoke weed, the smoke contains millions of particles which carry the smell

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Vaping Weed.

Tubo Evic Advanced settings

On the other hand, vaping gets its name from the fact that it produces vapor, which is a real gas.

Most handheld vapes like the PAX3 use an oven (powered by the battery) to heat the weed instead of burning it with fire.

Hot air passes over or through the marijuana (depending on Heating Style) releasing the good stuff in the form of a vapor, which is more concentrated in THCs than the fumes produced from a smoldering joint.

Although the vapor is more concentrated in THC there are no solid particles in it to stick to anything. It quickly dissipates into the atmosphere, just like the air around you.

Remember two things: The vapor produced from weed in a vaporizer is more concentrated in the vital compounds than smoke from a burning joint. And, vapor dissipates very quickly (5-10 minutes) while smoke can linger (hours and hours and hours).

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Beating the Weed Smell Problem

Depending on where you live you may not be allowed to consume Cannabis, whether that be due to Landlord issues or maybe even the Law (Unreal in this day and age). 

The cardinal rule is: Don’t be complacent. If you intend to avoid getting side-eyes from Landlord, colleagues or the Authorities, don’t just rely on vaping’s smaller odor footprint.

Instead, investing just a little bit of effort and tying up potential loose ends will go a long way. To help you do exactly that, here are the basics of camouflaging smell.

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Even before you start to indulge, remember that while the vaping process might produce very little detectable odor, your weed itself does exude a characteristic sweet scent (I hope).

There is no point in buying the most expensive vaporizer if you’re not going to be careful about leaving your ganja to stink up the place. 

Four Stealth Stash guidelines that you should follow are:

  • 1. Seal that Ziploc bag or container properly and purchase a ‘smellsafe’ smell proof pouch.
  • 2. Remove just what you need for your session from the bag and avoid handling the bag when you are high.
  • 3. Place what you take from the stash on a piece of plain white paper so you can see every last bit. Use it all or return the leftover to the bag.
  • 4. Some strains of weed are known to be more pungent than others; have more ventilation and take more precautions when using them.

The Location

vape outdoor to eliminate the smell

Here’s the thing, guys. If you are risking your career, home or your relationship, don’t! Take this from a friend: avoid vaping or smoking in any place that could jeopardize your future or your happiness.

The best places to enjoy the best of nature’s gift is out there, in the wild. However, if you don’t have a choice and you need to vape indoors, here are the factors that you will need to consider:

  • Room size – the bigger the room, the less dense the vapor, which means it will dissipate quicker and is less detectable.
  • Ventilation – probably the most important, so use a fan and have windows open. 
  • Duration and frequency of sessions – the more often there is vapor in a room, the more likely there will be a residual smell between sessions.
  • We discuss this more in our article about the Problems with Passive Vaping.

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The Best Vaporizing Methods

Just like smoking weed isn’t the only way to get your THC high, there is more than one way of vaping, too. The primary vape machine like the Grasshopper Vaporizer is designed to use dry herb, but extract vaporizers like the Puffco Peak are gaining widespread popularity.

Cannabis extracts, which are concentrated THC products, give a more extended and purer high.

They have also earned a well-deserved reputation for being virtually undetectable concerning odor. Extracts are available in various types, the most common being oil, shatter and wax, but are otherwise very similar.

The standard concentration of THCs in either can be anywhere from 50% up to 99% in strength. That is a heck of a kick considering that even the best marijuana flowers top out at about 25 – 30%.

So, extract vaping might be the answer to a super fast, stealthy vape. Although if you venture down this road I advise you to make sure you are using safe, (preferably solventless) extracted concentrates for vaping.

It is worth noting that some Vaporizers like the Boundless Tera can utilize both Dry Herbs & Concentrates.


C’mon man, if you are a dude whose house smells like socks every day, and today it suddenly reeks of Lavender and Peach Blossom, you will raise eyebrows. The key to smart indulgence in the ganja is to blend it seamlessly into your routine.

If you are going to spend two hours in a closed room to vape, open a window and place a fan on the other side pointing out. Spray your room with air freshener but if neighbors are your problem do it routinely as not to raise suspicion.

Lull everyone into a sense of complacency, then BOOM! Vape ninja.

Keeping your Vape Clean is also a priority 

The Final Puff

How much does a cannabis vaporizer smell compared to smoking?

Vaping weed is one of the safest options there is to get high and remain undetected, even when there are people nearby. Just don’t believe the claims that some vapes are entirely odorless.

I think those claims are just a marketing gimmick. Ignore the misinformation and always, always take the necessary precautions.

If you liked our article and found it useful I would love to hear from you in the comments. If you have an alternate opinion or a better idea I’d love to hear it also.

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As Always, Stay Elevated

Jack OG

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