29 Legal Herbs You Can Use Instead Of Cannabis in Your Vape

29 dry hebrs you can vape instead of cannabis 2

The Obvious choice of herb to use in your vaporizer is cannabis but, did you know there are many others we can use in our dry herb vaporizers? and, with many different benefits.

It’s a question I get asked often, ‘can I vaporize any other herbs?’. Before then, it was never really something that crossed my mind!

In this article, I have done some research and some trials and have listed 29 herbs that we can vaporize. I go into some detail about the herbs and their benefits.

I’ll also delve into the matter of safety when vaping dry herbs and how to tell the difference between fresh and old herbs.

Safety Note: The health benefits associated with these natural remedies are rarely backed up with scientific evidence and you should proceed with caution. Especially if you are on any medication or pregnant. We have added a link to WebMD for each herb and we always advise you consult your doctor if in any doubt.


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29 Dry Herbs to Vaporize Instead of Cannabis:

*The Vaporizing temperatures we provide for vaping these dry herbs are a suggested range, You can experiment for your own personal preference.

Can you vaporize thyme 1 1

1. Thyme

I have tried Thyme on its own and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Mixed with some weed, however, certainly made it much more enjoyable.

By vaping thyme, it’s possible to get a little high off it due to it containing myrcene which is already the most abundant terpene found in cannabis.

It is also the same terpene found in mangoes which are believed to enhance your high.

Mixing it with cannabis can boost the high of your marijuana, meaning you can make your weed stash go further.

Thyme may also be a good cleansing herb for your lungs. The herb may help respiratory infections such as the flu, bronchitis, or whooping cough. It can also be a strong antiseptic that can aid the overall health of the digestive system.

Vape Thyme between 300 – 350°F.

Find out more about thyme on WebMD.

Check the price of Organic Thyme on Amazon.

Can You Vape Rosemary 1 1

2. Rosemary

Rosemary is quite a pleasant herb to vaporize, it tastes like it smells, letting off a pleasant aroma that someone can liken to Christmas.

The aroma produced makes it perfect for cooking and vaping.

The phytochemicals in rosemary make it a powerful herbal medicine, used to treat a variety of health issues. It has many benefits and can be used for mental clarity along with treating coughs, colds, and headaches.

Like most of the herbs on here, rosemary doesn’t produce much vapor so if you prefer density, it is one I’d recommend mixing with your cannabis.

Vape Rosemary in the same range as Thyme 300 – 350°F.

Latest on rosemary on WebMD.

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3. Peppermint

Peppermint is another favorite among Dry Herb Vapors. The reason being is its soothing effects and most importantly, it’s pleasant taste. Peppermint is a good herb to mix with other ‘not so tasty’ herbs.

If you use good quality herb it can taste as good as a candy cane and will leave an aftertaste as if you had just brushed your teeth.

As for benefits, Peppermint is good for clearing your respiratory paths and is known to energize the body. It can also work antiseptically as well as treat muscle aches and spasms and can be used for digestive issues.

You will find peppermint in many teas, capsules, powders and in its dried leaf form.

Keep peppermint to a temperature of 320°F during vaping.

Up to date info on Peppermint health benefits here.

You will find some Organic dried peppermint leaf here.

How to Vaporize Green tea

4. Green Tea

Green Tea is a favorite of mine, I drink multiple cups of it a day and vaping it is an equally enjoyable experience. It tastes exactly as it smells.

The dried herbs in green tea also work well in a vaporizer. A Chinese medicinal favorite, green tea might increase energy, decrease depression, and alleviate pain such headaches.

It is also known to have anti-aging properties which is why you will see it in a lot of cosmetics. Oh, and weight loss supplements. Make of that what you will.

The numerous polyphenols and flavanols make for a wonderful vaping experience, again, especially when mixed with your Cannabis.

Warm up your Vaporizer to about 350°F for green tea herbs.

Latest info on Green Tea.

Check out some Organic Green Tea prices here!

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Vaping Hemp Flower

5. Hemp

Yes, hemp is like cannabis in that it has cannabinoids, but it’s not totally the same. For one, it’s legal more than marijuana, at least as of writing this.

It is usually lacking in THC which is the psychoactive chemical in regular cannabis.

Hemp flowers have higher levels of CBD than your standard weed strain and have been growing in popularity and an insane speed due to the supposed medical benefits. Having vaped hemp flowers I can attest, they certainly help you relax.

CBD comes in everything these days, You can pick it up in every form from straight up buds to oils and even soap.

When it comes to vaping, it doesn’t quite live up to the taste of a fine piece of skunk. But, it vapes very much like cannabis and is worthwhile mixing with the regular stuff if you want that more medicinal hit.

On the lower end, you should vape hemp at 350° F. Others, myself included, prefer temps up to 400° F, but no higher.

Updated info on Hemp uses here.

Check out some prices of Hemp Flowers.

Can You Vape Hops

6. Hops

Although at the top of the ingredients list for most beers, hops also have their place in vaporizers. Hops and cannabis are technically related through the family Cannabinaceae.

The flavor you get, although not strong, makes for a lovely vaping experience nonetheless.

And it can even produce a mild state of euphoria and is often used as a sleep aid. It can also produce minor psychedelic effects when used in high doses.

Hops does contain phytoestrogens compounds which can have a significant effect on hormone levels. It is something I used to hear about drinking beer a lot, it can give a man Moobs (man boobs). I’m not sure on the legitimacy of that one ha.

Anyway not to fret, the phytoestrogens in Hops won’t reach the boiling point until it reaches in the region of 600°C

With so many hop varieties, make sure you explore them all before picking your favorite. The vaping temperature range for hops is 350 to 400°F.

The latest hops info on WebMD.

Check Out the Price of Organic Hops.

can you vape Eucalyptus

7. Eucalyptus

Another healthful herb, eucalyptus is widely known for its antibacterial properties.

If you have a cold or the flu, You will see, most treatments have some form of eucalyptus in them, especially over-the-counter ones.

In recent years Eucalyptus has become more popular in toothpaste and mouthwash. And, recently it has been tested on pain with some relative success.

Eucalyptus smells great, really fresh and zesty, As you vaporize it, those same lovely scents and tastes should come through. Set it to about 300 – 400°F.

Check out the latest health info on Eucalyptus here.

Check out the price of eucalyptus Here.

Kava Kava leaf with writing on top

8. Kava Kava

Kava Kava root is one of the better herbs to try in place of cannabis. Kava is regularly found in teas and capsule form and is aimed at stress and anxiety related illnesses.

Research has found that Kavalactones are the active chemicals in the herb and these effects the neurotransmitters in the brain in a positive manner.

Kava is known to relax the muscles, relieve stress, calms nerves, reduce pain and produce an overall feeling of peace and relaxation. It does this by increasing serotonin and dopamine in the brain.

It can help provide immediate relief for insomnia, muscle aches, and spasms, depression, asthma or even menopausal symptoms

Kava produces a nice vaping experience when using the raw dried root ground to a medium consistency. Vape at temperatures around 390 °F.

The Latest Kava Info from WebMD.

Check out the price of Kava Kava Root.

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9. Kanna

Kanna and Kava Kava, despite sounding the same, are actually two totally different herbs. Kanna comes from South Africa and is used by the local Khoikhoi and San tribes for stimulation and relaxation.

Kanna is a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor which means in prevents the breakdown of serotonin.

While it is known to alleviate anxiety and make those who use it feel more sociable, it does sometimes cause psychoactive reactions and should be used in small doses.

Users often feel a sense of euphoria while feeling more sociable in conversations. When vaping it is more calming while sometimes providing a trippy experience.

It is certainly a good one to help enhance your high, but tread carefully when vaping Kanna.

It isn’t the easiest herb to come by in the United States, often needing to have it shipped from abroad.

More info on Sceletium from WebMD.

Set your vaporizer to around 370°F for Kanna.

Calea zacatechichi vaporize 1 1

10. Calea Zacatechichi

Never heard of Calea Zacatechichi before? It also goes by the name “dream herb” due to its ability to make lucid dreams better. It is a species of flowering plant that is native to Mexico and Central America.

Research suggests that Calea Zacatechichi may increase the number of dreams throughout the night, and lengthen shallow rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. It is also said to help people remember their dreams.

Calea Zacatechichi is also used as a mental enhancement supplement. Possibly improving reaction times. It is also has supposed benefits for those suffering from a fever or asthma.

I haven’t personally tried this one in a vaporizer but looking around the forums, it appears that the effects on seem minimal, particularly with cannabis users. The short term enhanced of sound and color is the main effects I see people discuss.

I’d recommend using this in a blend with some nicer tasting herbs such as cannabis or peppermint. Vape it at 370°F.

More info on WebMD.

It is sometimes available on Amazon.


11.Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate (Mate Tea) is one that is quite new to me. But it is never too late to the party.

Yerba Mate comes from the Ilex paraguariensis plant and is traditionally consumed as a tea through a straw.

This little gem is said to have the strength of Coffee, the benefits of tea and the joy of Chocolate.

The leaves are said to be rich in antioxidants and nutrients, it is known to boost your immune system, improve mental health and energy levels and even help lose weight.

It has a lot of similar properties to green tea so should keep you in a good mood.

Light up your vaporizer at 300 – 350°F for yerba mate leaves.

Info on Yerba Mate on WebMD.

Check Out Yerba Mate Loose Leaves on Amazon.

can you vape chamomile herbs

12. Chamomile

While chamomile goes great in tea, it’s also worked quite well in your vaporizer. It does, however, have a strange smell and taste when vaped, Not as nice as it is in tea.

Hailing from East Asia and parts of Europe, chamomile is known to have antioxidants and can help your immune system and send you off to dreamland as you vape it.

It is also said to help you relax and can protect against cancer.

In my experience, you will want to mix this with something that tastes a little better. Chamomile alone isn’t terrible but it isn’t great either.

Just make sure you set the temperature of your vaporizer to no more than 380°F

latest news on chamomile on WebMD.

Check out some Organic Chamomile Here..

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how to vaporizer lavender

13. Lavender

You may already use lavender products for relaxation or know someone who does. By vaping this herb, you again reap antimicrobial benefits, much like rosemary and thyme. You’ll also feel relaxed and grow to love the flowery scent of lavender.

Medical benefits that have been demonstrated with lavender are in the treatment of anxiety, hair loss, fungal infections, and wounds.

The medicinal benefits of using lavender to treat anxiety, fungal infections, hair loss, and wounds have been demonstrated. Some of the potential benefits are in the treatment of depression, high blood pressure, and menstrual pain.

If you combine lavender with another herb or two, the taste gets even better. You might even sleep well since this herb has a part in insomnia treatment.

Vape it at 260°F.

Lates info on Lavender.

Find Organic Lavender here.

how to vaporizer st johns wort

14. St. John’s Wort

As a natural depression reliever, St. John’s Wort may not have a nice name, but it does have a great purpose like the previously mentioned ability to help sufferers of depression and it’s known anti-viral abilities.

It’ll also put you to sleep when you vape it.

If you’re using SSRIs, anticancer medications, antiretrovirals, or birth control, then skip this herb. It could interfere with your meds.

The taste of St Johns Wort is better than it sounds. It has a almost gingerbread taste to it which i think gets better at higher temperatures.

Vape it at about 302°F.

More info on St Johns Wort Here.

Check out Organic St Johns Word Here.

can you vape basil

15. Basil

Yes, the same pizza topping works in your vaporizer. Basil smells great and can relieve stomach gas. Like St. John’s Wort, not everyone should use it.

If you’re pregnant, then avoid vaping with basil (or maybe vaping at all). It might induce contractions early, which can cause serious health issues.

Some of the other health benefits of Basil are its anti-inflammatory properties, pain reducer, fever fighter, immune booster and can even as an anti-stress solution.

Heat your vaporizer to between 350 and 375°F.

Latest info on Basil on WebMD.

Find organic Basil leaves on Amazon.

sleep enhancing valerian

16. Valerian Root

Valerian has been used for hundreds of years as a cure for insomnia. You will now find it in a lot of over the counter medicines. The therapeutic effects of valerian are said to be enhanced when vaping the root.

Valerian will help you relax similar to vaping lavender. You’ll notice your stresses melt away, and your pain levels might decrease as well.

It is also said to be good for anxiety but there is limited research to support these claims.

Some side effects worth mentioning with this one are reports of people having headaches, lucid dreams and some people have even reported insomnia which is the opposite of what they were expecting.

I personally when taking Valerian in capsule form have experienced lucid dreams. I had a nightmare, the most vivid I can ever remember having and woke up sweating a lot. Then I went back to sleep and fell back into my nightmare. It wasn’t a good night.

I have since vaped it and not had a similar experience.

If you need to sleep, set your vaporizer to 350°F and try some valerian root, it will hopefully help.

Valerian info on WebMD.

Check some out on Amazon.

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can you vape Muira Puama

17. Muira Puama

Sourced from the Amazonian rainforest, Muira Puama has been used for a long time to lessen stress, boost cognition, and even improve cases of erectile dysfunction and increase sexual sensitivity.

It is the bark of Muira Puama that is used and is usually infused into a tea or a tincture.

As a result, this herb looks like wood chips and produces a poignant smoke. Keep the vaping temperature at 392°F.

More details on Muira Puama here.

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vaporizing white sage

18. White Sage

Dried White Sage leaves are commonly used as an incense stick by Native Americans and are used in some smoking blends.

It is known to help improve moods, help people relax and even boost memory. It also doubles as an antiseptic. If you have a sore throat or a cold.

If you like peppermint but want to try vaping something different, reach for the white sage. It too has a touch of mint in its taste. Although when smoked alone the flavor can be intense, so it is usually mixed with other herbs.

When vaping it, set your vaporizer to a temperature of 374°F.

Sage on WebMD.

Get Organic White Sage here.

vaping marshmallow leaf

19. Marshmallow Herb

Marshmallow Herb, also known as mallow herb has mild psychoactive effects and its use can be traced all the way back to ancient Egypt. The plant can be found in Western Asia, Europe, and North America.

Marshmallow herb has been used as an alternative remedy for sore throats, coughs, and general respiratory problems.

It also helps ease digestive problems like diarrhea and help people with low blood sugar level.

The initial taste of this is mild, nothing to shout home about but it has a nice sweet aftertaste. I’d recommend mixing this with other herbs for a satisfying experience.

You can vape this at a wide range of temperatures so it’s best to experiment. 300 – 400°F.

Latest from WebMD on Marshmallow leaf.

Buy Organic Marshmallow Leaf Here.

vaping lemon balm herb

20. Lemon Balm

This isn’t lip balm we’re talking about here, but the natural herb lemon balm. Lemon Balm is a herb from the mint family. It is often used as a marinade for meat, used in teas, baked good and jams.

It works best in a vaporizer in conjunction with other herbs, among them chamomile, valerian, and hops.

Then you can reap all its calming effects as well as better blood circulation, fewer headaches, higher quality sleep, and a healthier nervous system.

If you vape at around 270, it will produce a nice taste.

Lates news on Lemon Balm on WebMD.

Find Organic Lemon Balm Here.

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vape gingseng 1

21. Ginseng

Ginseng is a plant from the Genus Panax, such as South China ginseng, Korean ginseng, and American ginseng.

The first recorded use of Ginseng was in 196AD in China and it has been used in medicinal and herbal remedies since.

Ginseng may promote long healthy life, boost energy levels, improve blood sugar and even improve a males sexual dysfunction. It may also have some other anti-inflammatory benefits along with flu prevention.

A good temperature to vaporize ginseng is 375°F.

Ginseng on WebMD.

Check the latest price out here.

can you vape damiana 1 1 1

22. Damiana

Damiana is a wild shrub found in Central America and the West Indies. Historically the leaf and stems have mostly been used as an aphrodisiac (to increase sexual desire).

Damiana is mostly used in teas but vaporizing it works as well.

It may help treat stomach problems like dyspepsia, diarrhea, and constipation. Also, it may improve symptoms of menopause and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). However, there is little scientific evidence to support its use for these conditions.

Try vaping it with cannabis for a unique experience. Just set your vaporizer to between 300 to 350°F.

Check out Damiana on WebMD.

The latest prices on Amazon.

vape catnip 1

23. Catnip

Yes, we mean the same type of catnip that get little kitties some form of high. This herb also does the same for us people, especially if you vape it.

Nepeta cataria(catnip) is a short-lived perennial, herbaceous plant, that blooms from late spring through to autumn. It resembles a typical member of the mint family of plants.

Catnip may help people who are having trouble sleeping, people suffering from anxiety, migraines, colds and other respiratory infections such as the flu. It may also help stomach issues like indigestion and flatulence.

Some people even apply catnip straight on their skin to ease arthritis pain and to relieve swelling.

Catnip works well at a heat of around 300°F.

Find out more about Catnip on WebMD.

The latest price of catnip on Amazon.

vape passionflower 1

24. Passionflower

Passionflower, also known as Purple Passionflower or Maypop is a native herb to Southern America, but can now be found in abundance in Europe.

Traditionally used to treat anxiety and insomnia due to its ability to lower brain activity giving the user the feeling of relaxation.

Passionflower was approved and sold over the counter as a sedative and sleep aid in America, although in 1978 it was taken off the market as its effectiveness and safety could not be proven.

It is, however generally seen as a safe herb, side effects may include nausea, vomiting and rapid heart rate. Your reaction times may be slowed and cause drowsiness, so be careful if driving or operating machinery.

There are also claims the herb can be used to treat other ailments such as, attention deficit- hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), fibromyalgia, relief of symptoms associated with the withdrawal of narcotic drugs, palpitations, symptoms related to menopause, hypertension, and excitability.

Passionflower should not be taken alongside any sedative or other prescription medications, so talk to your doctor before vaping this herb. It is also not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and may cause premature contractions.

Passionflower tastes mild and smooth, almost grassy and earthy, if that’s not your vibe, then mix with some Chamomile or Lemon Balm.

Vape at around 300°F.

More info on WebMD about passion flower.

Lates prices for Passionflower leaf.

vape kola nut 1

25. Kola Nut

Kola Nut, ‘also known as Bissy Nuts, Guru Nuts, and Cola Nut’ is steeped in spiritual and religious West African traditions.

Found growing in the rainforests, the Kola Tree produces star-shaped fruits and inside the white shell is where you find the Kola seeds or ‘nuts’.

In the Western world, the caffeine extracted from the Kola Nut was used in the original Coca Cola recipe, although it is not known if it is still in use today!

Some of the claims to the Kola Nut are to boost energy levels, aid digestion, increase circulation, and antibacterial benefits. Some small studies have also been conducted, and early research is showing some compounds of the Kola Nut may reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer. It is thought that phytoestrogens may kill cancer cells, and stop tumors growing – amazing!

Side effects due to the caffeine content may include increased blood pressure, nausea and insomnia. Also anyone allergic to nuts should avoid the vaping of Kola Nuts.

Smelling similar to rose petals you will experience a bitter taste, to begin with, mellowing to a sweet aftertaste.

Vape at 360°F to 390°F for best results.

More info on Kola Nut here.

Buy Kola Nut Here.

vape hibiscus 1

26. Hibiscus

Hibiscus, also going by the name of Florida Cranberry and Jamaica Sorrel, is used mainly for making herbal tea, but also makes for a flavorful vape.

The flowers from the Hibiscus plant are most commonly used for medicinal purposes.

Packed with Vitamin C and Flavonoids (found in tea and coffee) Hibiscus may be used to treat ailments, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, urinary tract infections, and colds. There is also some evidence that the fruit acids can produce a laxative effect.

Hibiscus is regarded as safe for most people, but possibly unsafe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. There is also some evidence that it may decrease blood sugar levels, so diabetics and people undergoing surgery should avoid using Hibiscus for at least 2 weeks prior as it may make blood sugar control difficult during and post surgery.

There are also suggestions it may increase how fast Acetaminophen (Tyloenol) is processed through the body.

Taste of this herb is flavorful, fruity and aromatic and is best vaped at 275F-347°F

More info on Hibiscus on WebMD.

Buy Hibiscus flowers on Amazon.

vaporize lemongrass

27. Lemongrass

We all know that Lemongrass is the essential ingredient in a mean Thai Green curry, but you may just enjoy this refreshing citrus scented herb while vaping.

Native to Sri Lanka and South East Asia, boosting antifungal and antimicrobial properties, Lemongrass may just help you from the inside and out.

From sore throats, indigestion and fighting depression, this could well be a handy wintertime option!

Try with Echinacea and Lemon Balm for a mood enhancing, uplifting but relaxing blend.

Vape at around 300°F

More info on Lemongrass.

Buy Organic Lemongrass here.

can you vaporize bearberry

28. Bearberry

Bearberry also named Uva-Ursi has been smoked traditionally by Native Americans for ceremonial purposes.

Some say Bearberry produces psychoactive effects, similar to cannabis, but for someone with a high tolerance, I can’t say I’ve experienced that myself.

In saying this, there are many uses for this potent earthy tasting herb. Popular for helping with urinary tract infections, stomach discomfort, detoxing the body, and most notably as an effective remedy for headaches.

Some points of caution, as Uva-Ursi contains powerful chemical compounds. May cause liver toxicity if consumed in excess, kidney disorders and people with thinning of the retina may find their symptoms worsened. Also pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid as it is oxytocic (an agent used to stimulate contractions) and can be particularly harmful.

Vape between 200 – 300°F.

Check out the latest info on Bearberry.

Get some Bearberry leaves here on Amazon.

can you vape blue lotus flower

29. Blue Lotus

Favoured by the Ancient Egyptians as a ‘party drug’ Blue Lotus finds itself at the opposite end of the spectrum in modern times.

As a calming and relaxing herb, it is used as a natural sleep aid, and to help with stress and nervousness.

Maybe steeping it in strong wine like the Egyptians is not the way to maximize the benefits of this stunning blue flower for these purposes!

Active ingredients in Blue Lotus are Nuciferine and Aporphine (psychoactive alkaloids) Many report a feeling of peace and calm, lightheadedness and heightened awareness.

Thought to be generally safe, I wouldn’t recommend using alongside strong painkillers or Cannabis, as it may lead to feeling dizzy, nauseated or confused. Also, diabetics should take caution, as it can lower blood sugar levels. It is also not advised to drive or operate machinery while vaping Blue Lotus.

Vape Blue Lotus Flower between 210 – 270°F.

More info on WebMD about the Lotus Flower.

Buy Dried Lotus Flower Here.

The Final Puff

If you want to vape something besides marijuana, there’s a whole wealth of herbs out there to try! From unexpected picks like catnip and hops to more traditional ones like green tea or St. John’s Wort, the 29 herbs on this list are just waiting for you to vape them. Have fun and be safe!

Jack OG.

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