Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer Review – It’s Worth A Look

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In our first review, I want to talk to you about this little pocket dragon, the ‘Grasshopper’ by Hopper Labs. It was the first crowdfunded vaporizer to make its mark on the world in 2014. However, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for this powerful pen.

When I pre-ordered, I had to wait three months past the promised delivery date to get it. There have been some customers who ordered one during the crowdfunding stages and had to wait as long as 18 months before getting theirs.

Now in 2019, it looks like they have finally worked out most of the teething issues as it is now shipping to most customers with minimal waiting time and is available for immediate dispatch in most retailers like Namaste Vaporizers.

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The Grasshopper is one of the world’s most portable options in terms of vaporizers and is engineered by a relatively small group of professionals. The idea behind this vaporizer is to give people access to a vapor pen which is both efficient and powerful at the same time, while also placing a significant focus on the overall portability of the device.
It is an extremely discreet vaporizer that looks exactly like a pen.


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The Grasshopper Device Review

In my personal experience, the best thing about the Grasshopper, and the reason I still use it regularly is mostly due to the powerful 45w heater. This thing packs a punch and is very quick. Whenever you need a hit, switch it on, wait a couple of seconds for the heater to heat your herb, then hit it.

In addition to the speed, I also found it to have much more potent effects than some of the other portable vaporizers I have used, which is a benefit for us all!

I have actually seen myself sitting in the park as my kid plays, surrounded by well to do parents that would throat punch me if I was to spark a joint next to them, however with the Grasshopper vape, I am now able to get my medicinal hit without anyone knowing what I am up to – none of them would even lift an eyebrow! Perfect!

This pen-like vaporizer is capable of packing a punch with just small crumbs. Or you can pack the chamber with up to 0.3mg of herb at a time, which will give you a few powerful hits before you would need to do a refill.

grasshopper vaporizer finishes 1

The Grasshopper portable vaporizer comes in 2 different finishes, including medical grade titanium or stainless steel. The Titanium finish comes in a few different options, including Standard Titanium, Heat Treated, and 5 Different colors.

The device has a dial for controlling the heater and allows you to quickly adjust the temperature between 266 °F – 410 °F (130 °C – 210 °C ).

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Grasshopper Warranty & Customer Care

The Grasshopper comes with a lifetime warranty, and the Customer service team are always very helpful. However, they can be slow to answer any queries or support tickets.

As I write this, both my hoppers are in getting repairs. There is presently a 90-day turnaround, but this will hopefully decrease as they iron things out. If you do own more than one of these vaporizers as i do, then it would be a good idea only to use one at a time.

Then if one breaks down, you still have another while it is in for repair., since you might end up waiting three months for your device to be serviced and sent back to you. Doing this would make the hopper a viable option.

good grasshopper colors

I’d like to point out that both my SS and TI Hoppers were used almost daily for two years before I had any issues.

I’m not sure what went wrong, but I do know that few companies offer a warranty for the lifetime of the entire device. As long as repair is within warranty, you won’t have a problem.

The Experience

I’ve been using the Grasshopper dry herb vaporizer for quite some time already, and I must say, I am impressed with my experience thus far. 

To give you a better overview of what you should expect regarding this particular vaporizer and what you will experience while vaping with the Grasshopper, I’ve decided to divide this section into different parts to address specific aspects concerning the experience of the Grasshopper.

We will look at the efficiency of the device, the overall quality, how much maintenance the pen needs, and more. We hope to help you understand whether the device will be able to offer you what you desire concerning getting in a few hits when you are on-the-go or milking clouds from a water pipe at home.

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Discreetness and Portability

vape pen review

Discretion is never a problem with the Grasshopper. Its small size of 5.60” in length and 0.55” diameter, and lack of smell are two features that I love.

It is small enough to pocket or to hide in your hand for that quick on the go hit.

The smell from this vaporizer is minimal, and it’s not going to stink up your backpack or pocket like the Pax 3. In fact, it doesn’t even give off any odor, even if you leave it loaded after use.
If speed and discretion is a factor for you, then the Grasshopper should be one at the top of your list.

The Grasshopper is good for people who like to get out and about and require a quick and potent hit.

Grasshopper Vapor Quality

grasshopper waterpipe

I referred to the Hopper as a pocket dragon at the start, and that’s because the vapor from this device is HOT!!! It may even be too hot for some but pair it with a water pipe or bubbler like I do and the draw is cooled nicely. That’s my favorite and most common way to get down with the hopper. The clouds are intense

As long as you keep the device clean and well maintained you should be able to get nice flavorful but hot pulls from the Grasshopper with ease.
Top tip: Click “Off” before you finish the draw. It will help disperse the heat between draws and extend battery life.

Grasshopper Efficiency

This is where the Hopper shines. It’s a micro-doser’s dream, and 0.3g is about the most I’ve put in this in one go, but you can put as little as a few crumbs in the chamber, probably less than 0.05g then click, draw, and it gets you where you want to be within seconds.

With the Grasshopper, there is no need to worry about any of your herb going to waste either. Due to its true convection heating, the cannabis isn’t in direct contact with the oven meaning you’ll still be able to enjoy a hit with the same herb at a later time when required. When you click the device off, be sure to take a draw to make the most of the weed and help cool the heater

grasshopper chamber

The Grasshopper features a chamber that is easily accessible to ensure you can quickly fill it up with your herb. The temperature dial also makes this product more efficient since you can set the temperature that you prefer for that perfect hit. I’ve found that experimenting with the temperature dial a bit can help you achieve the perfect taste and experience.


Now let’s get into the big “P.” Some vapes have the ability to get you to where you want faster or more effective compared to others and that, my vape friends, is exactly what this little beaut does. I feel this is one of my top Vapes for getting you to that higher ground swiftly and effectively using the bare minimum of herb and the effects are long-lasting.

At home, I always use the Grasshopper with a water pipe because it stamps its mark when it’s paired with water. It creates cool, thick and milky draws for the maximum high and it really is a thing of beauty.


The Grasshopper is one of the easiest vapes to use and clean. The threaded cap just glides on and off, and all you have to do is soak it in alcohol. Use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to simply wipe the heating chamber and threads clean. Batteries are easily replaceable which is useful because we all know the lifecycle of a battery isn’t great.

Battery and Charging

The Grasshopper comes with a USB Charging cable allowing you to charge the batteries within the device. The cells will take around 90 mins to charge using this method, I purchased a nitecore i4 battery charger and can now charge all 4 of my batteries at once in less than 60 mins.

grasshopper charger

The provided USB charger is quite a cool design that magnetically hooks onto the plug, but some have been known not to work and have to be sent back which is another reason for the external charger.


Included with the Grasshopper will be the mouthpiece guard a single battery and the USB charging cable.

They also released the Performance Front End which I definitely recommend. It doubles as a 14mm water pipe adapter (without using the silicone mouthpiece and it also increases airflow which is my favorite part. It is not necessary, but it is an enjoyable upgrade over the stock mouthpiece and one that I always use.

You can also get a steel or a leather case specifically for the device if you wish and a fairly expensive multi-battery charger from grasshopper themselves but I would recommend the nitecore chargers.

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The Final Puff

Overall, the Grasshopper portable vaporizer is excellent for those looking to puff while they are on-the-go, or those who want that bong like experience when using a water pipe.

The Grasshopper is probably not the most ideal option for those looking for a device to use as your daily driver, but if you are looking for a device that will give you a few strong and quick puffs while you are spending a few hours at the beach or taking a stroll through the park, then the Grasshopper might be an ideal option for you.

grasshopper vaporizer review

While there are some potential drawbacks that you should take into account, with its lifetime warranty, heavy hits, and easy-to-use design, this potent punching pen rightfully takes up a top spot with a seal of approval. It’s one for the connoisseurs!

If you have any different experiences or any tips and tricks that would help us and our readers then please share them in the comments section below.

 But for now…

Keep Elevated

Jack OG

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