How Long Does A Vape High Last? Do You Get Higher Smoking Weed?

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I am going to assume that you have found this blog post because like I once did, you are considering the switch from combustion to vaping of your weed or You are moving up in the world and getting a dab rig.

Either way, you have some questions like ‘how long does a vape high last?’ and ‘does vaping get you higher than smoking?’. We will do our best to answer this below. Plus, offer some advice on how you can take control of your high.


How Long Does a Cannabis Vape High Last?

There is a lot of variables to take into account, but an average weed smoker with a decent level of tolerance can expect to experience highs lasting from 2-4 hours when making the switch to Cannabis Vaporizing. But, You will use a lot less weed.

Any side effects such as lethargy, sleepiness, inability to concentrate, and increased appetite can last for a few hours beyond that. 

There are some ways you can control the effects of your high, which we will get into below.

What Factors Affect a Vaping Cannabis High, and how can you improve it?

a question mark made with cannabis and dabs

The strain, form (buds, e-juice, wax), the heat you vaporize at and your own body’s constitution determine how long a weed vape high lasts.

There are a few things within your immediate control that can alter your vaping experience and the high that comes with it which we will explain below

How Big a Cannabis Hit to Get High?

The effects of a single, large draw last longer than that of several smaller ones.

Do weed vaporizers get you higher than smoking?

The big hit from a long, sustained draw gives your body an overwhelming rush of THC. Receptors in the brain are saturated with the chemical and excess THC remains in your system.

In a way, the brain ‘freezes up’, which can manifest as a momentary physical ‘freezing’. We’ve all had those “Shit, what did I come to the kitchen for?” moments!

Because the chemical balance in the brain is altered so drastically, the high lasts longer than if you take several small hits. A smaller hit does not overwhelm the system and instead allows the chemical balance in your cells to plateau and recuperate after each draw.

As an analogy, take it that your girlfriend punches you on the left arm 10 times. Then, an MMA fighter punches you on the right arm just once. Assuming your girlfriend isn’t also an MMA fighter, the effects on your right arm are going to last much longer.

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How Many Hits of a Weed Vaporizer to Get High?

The answer to this can vary from Person to Person. THC bonds with your cell receptors almost immediately when you take a vape hit. However, while millions and millions of THC molecules interact with an equal number of receptors, there is also residual THC that remains ‘floating’ in your system.

Every subsequent hit introduces more residual THC into the body. When the effect of the original THC wears off, these molecules take over and prolong the high. The more that is introduced after the first hit, the longer the sensation lasts.

Bear in mind that the exact length and intensity are very much dependent on your unique physiology.

The Heat (what temperature you vaporize at)

When you smoke weed you have no control over the temperature meaning you can’t use heat as a method to customize your high.

This is one of the biggest advantages I have found when using a vaporizer. I have provided some good temperature ranges to get you started. These will vary between devices.

Low temperature 350 – 375°F(176 – 190°C):

 This is the flavor chasers area, you won’t be pumping out big clouds but the taste of terpenes will shine through. The high will be nice and light and is ideal for the morning or daytime.

Mid Temperature 375 – 400°F(190 – 204°C):

This area is a good place for most users, I vape my Argo on 400°F, adjusted a degree or 5, either way, depending on the strain. You still benefit from some good flavors within this range, but the high is intensified.

High Temperature 400 – 425°F(204 – 218°C):

Want to get a long-lasting intense high that sacrifices on flavor a little? Then this is the range for you.

Once you start to go beyond these heat levels you are flirting with combustion which means you are probably wasting your money buying a vaporizer.

It is worth noting that the Different heating types can have an impact on the usage temperature

Here is a handy little guide from explaining the temperatures at which certain compounds within cannabis are released.

a guide from leafly of the boiling points of the cannabis herb

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You Are What You Eat (Vape)

cannabis herb on a fork, you are what you eat

You are what you eat; your high is what you vape. Choosing the right cannabis for your vaping session lays the groundwork for the high you want. Make it work for you.

The form of cannabis – buds, e-juice, or wax concentrate for your vaporizer!

Naturally, this decision is best made waaay before you sit down to vape. E-juice and wax are concentrated forms of cannabis that have a significantly higher THC content than buds. It follows that the high from a hit of e-juice or wax lasts longer than a similar draw on a herb.

The quality of the cannabis

There are more strains of the weed plant than any one person has been able to try. Better (more expensive) strains are generally characterized by a higher THC concentration. The more concentrated with THC that your cannabis is, the more intense its effects and the longer the high.

However, even if you invest in the best herb to vape, it is essentially not as concentrated in THC as most extracts.

Does vaping get you higher than smoking?

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Whether you are smoking a joint, regular cigarette, cigar, a pipe, or orange peels, you light a fire to burn the plant matter and that releases chemicals into the air.

The smoker inhales the air, and the chemicals it contains enter the bloodstream. Those chemicals trigger processes within the brain and we feel a variety of effects, depending on the chemical and on our personal body chemistry.

However, I find I can reach my peak high with less cannabis because the vital compounds are not going up in smoke ..

With a lit joint, fire is constantly consuming both the paper and the weed inside. Your precious weed is smoldering away between puffs and there is nothing you can do about it. This means that a significant portion of the weed you bought never even enters your body to make you high.

By contrast, a vaporizer does not burn the weed at all; it simply heats it. Many vaporizers like the Grasshopper and the Ghost MV1 even give you the option of on-demand heating, that means you can control when the cannabis is being heated meaning less waste.

Even when it comes to devices that don’t offer on-demand heating you can still inhale most of the vapor produced. After the hit, I cover the mouthpiece on the Pax3, stopping any vapor escaping until the next draw.

Together, this produces longer, higher highs. And it saves you money.

The Final Puff!

How long does a weed vape high last in comparison to smoking?

This article is a summary of a lot of reading, many conversations, and a heap of personal experience as a vaper gathered over many years. Vaporizers have helped me quit smoking and live a healthier life.

Vaping weed might not give as long a high than traditional smoking, but it goes without the harmful effects associated with burning your weed and the efficiency levels to reach that peak high are far superior.

I certainly find that it gives me a more intense high for every dollar spent. Perhaps best of all, I can even embrace Mary Jane in public without attracting unnecessary attention.

There is no doubt that the exact experience varies between people. At, we are always on the hunt for new tales of the hemp.

If your experience has been the same or different, I’d love to hear from you. Heck, maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all this while – got a tip for a longer, better high?

Tell us in the comments and share your weed knowledge with the world. then come and join other like-minded people in our Facebook group 420.

Meanwhile, go forth and multiply your highs.

Stay elevated

Jack OG

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