9 ABV Uses – What To Do With Vaped Weed (AVB)

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One of the first things that took me by surprise when I started on my journey with vaping Cannabis, was the discovery that people use their ABV Weed (already been vaped) or AVB (Already Vaped Bud), whatever you want to call it.

One of the main points driving me towards vaping marijuana was this belief that I was getting more bang for my buck when it came to extracting the THC.

But, there’s still some left you tell me?

It turns out there is, and there is enough THC to make it worthwhile extracting and using in some ABV Recipes.

Furthermore, there is also quite a lot of things you can do with with your already vaped buds. I am going to discuss my favorites, starting with the ones I recommend then some others that people use but I don’t recommend them.

There are a few things on this list that I use in conjunction with one another. But I’d always recommend starting with number 1, the water cure.

If you are already well versed in what AVB is then you can skip the next bit.


What Is ABV You Ask?

what to do with vaped weed

ABV(already been vaped) is the leftover weed from your dry herb vaporizer after a session. Ideally, your vaped bud will not be too dark meaning you had a good healthy sesh. But, you still haven’t extracted it fully.

The lighter it is the the more cannabinoids are remaining. Unfortunately, there is no inexpensive way to test the THC or CBD content of Vaped Cannabis, so we usually use the color to determine whether it’s good or not.

In most cases, Cannabis that has been vaped correctly and at the right temperature will look nicely roasted, having a medium brown appearance.

The vaped weed should not be too dark. On average my AVB comes out as seen above. some of it is lighter, almost green but together it looks all the same brown.

Recommended vape gear…

What To Do With Vaped Weed

water cure your abv

 1. Watercure your vaped weed to reduce taste.

As I said at the beginning, I’d always recommend starting with this step. Vaped weed doesn’t taste good, so if you plan on ingesting it in any way, then a water cure is a must in my opinion.

There have been many reports of bad smelling and/or tasting gas related issues when eating AVB edibles that haven’t had the water curing process done.

I can’t confirm this exactly but, I did have some of the horrible taste when using uncured AVB cannacaps.

Water curing is the simple process of soaking your vaped cannabis buds in water for anything between a few hours, to a few weeks. I usually do it over three days, but it can be done quicker if you don’t like to wait that long.

This process removes the horrible taste and smell, leaving an almost flavorless end product that we use in some of the following steps.

If you want to know more about this you can read our Guide on Water curing AVB.

2. Make AVB Cannabutter or Coconut Oil

After the above water curing process, I usually make my AVB  into cannabutter or canna coconut oil. Since the vaped cannabis has already gone through the process of decarboxylation in your vaporizer, it saves us 1 step.

As a result, we can jump straight in and start to infuse it into the butter or coconut oil.

make canna coconut oil or cannabutter

Canna Coconut Oil is the most common thing I will make with my AVB because it is useful for many different things. Depending on whether you make butter or oil, you can use the final product to bake cakes or brownies.

Also, You can mix it into your tea or coffee and even eat a massive spoonful. Although, That’s probably not recommended.

Sometimes I will add this mixture to some cannacaps for discretion purposes but they aren’t very strong when made with vaped weed coconut oil compared to regular un vaped cannabis or AVB Rick Simpson Oil.

3. Use it in edibles

My favorite. If you are looking for a way to consume AVB discreetly, and with the ability to mask any remaining flavour, then you may want to try using it in edibles.

For instance, when baking a cake, you could add vaped bud into the mixture in place of some flour. As the mixture cooks, the vaped bud will be heated, effectively releasing the remaining THC and bringing out the potency of the substance.

make abv brownies or cookies

However, I would highly recommend following steps 1 and 2 then replacing some of the butter in your favorite brownie recipe for the Cannabutter or CannaOil you previously made.

As much as this is a discreet way to enjoy yourself, you should remember that there is no way to determine potency. This will require you to be wary, starting with small doses as you try out using AVB in new edibles.

You can then increase the amount you add to the mixture to achieve the high you desire.

Anyone that has taken edibles too far knows that this is something you want to try and avoid.

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4. FECO – Full Extract Cannabis Oil

make abv rick simpson oil RSO

Although this is an unusual thing to do with AVB, it is a very effective way to reuse the leftover plant matter.

The process involves taking AVB and mixing it with alcohol, There are a few ways of doing this, but I would start with the water cure, then give my AVB a wash with some food safe alcohol in a similar way to making RSO. You can find a guide here.

Remember you won’t be getting as much from AVB as you would regular un vaped cannabis.

5. Make Cannabis Concentrates for Dabbing

AVB can be used to make concentrates for dabbing such as wax and shatter. However, as above, keep in mind that you will need more than usual due to the lower cannabinoid levels left in your vapes weed.

The best way to extract the rest of the THC is by using a rosin press or something like butane or isopropyl alcohol. Once you have extracted the leftover cannabinoids (and fully purged it if using solvent), you can dab your concentrates with something like a Dr Dabber Switch, an enail or one of the many portable dab pens.

6. Make AVB Cannacaps

This is yet another way to use AVB and avoid wastage. Cannacaps also make for an easy and low-key way to consume Cannabis, a factor that has seen them gaining traction among cannabis users.

The easiest method is to get some gel capsules and fill them up with the leftover weed, but again, 

make vaped weed cannacaps

I’d recommend doing steps 1 & 2, or 1, 2 and 4 or 5, then use the resulting oil for Cannacaps. Otherwise, they won’t even be worth the effort for someone with even a medium to low tolerance.

The good thing about capsules is they allow you to regulate your consumption as well as minimize taste. Over time you will be able to gauge the potency of the caps meaning there is less chance of you having a bad experience.

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7. Make AVB Tea or Coffee

Coffee for the morning, tea for the evening. Technically you could take your AVB and add it into your coffee press or tea bags and I’m sure you would have a good experience, although not that tasty.

When it comes to coffee, I’d recommend adding a dollop of your cannabutter. If you haven’t tried adding a bit of butter to coffee before, you are in for a treat. Add to this some THC in the butter and we are on a whole other level.

With Tea, I usually just put some FECO into my tea. It tastes better than the using the vaped weed directly in the tea strainer. It will often settle at the bottom if you take to long so I will keep swirling the mug around and I’ll drink it fast.

Now there are a couple of other things we can do but not anything I have tried or even have a desire to but you might.

8. Make Cannabis Tinctures.

make abv tinctures

I haven’t tried this one, but I did have some regular Cannabis tincture that I don’t use because I don’t particularly like tinctures of any form. So, it isn’t something I will ever try making with AVB, but I hear they are pretty effective.

Obviously, this would taste considerably worse than a standard tincture, if you didn’t do a water cure first so I’d recommend that be your first step.

I found this Cannabis Tinctures Guide on Leafly

9. Sprinkle it on your food.

Yes, people do this, Madness I know. It is a pretty lazy way to use it and wouldn’t taste good in the slightest. It certainly isn’t something I will try, but whatever floats your boat. 

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The Final Puff

Different leftovers will vary in strength, with lighter colors indicating higher potency. As such, if you are trying cannabis edibles for the first time or in case you are not familiar with a specific type of edible, it would be wise to exercise caution.

Anxious users, elderly people, someone with low blood pressure or cardiac patients should start with small doses to be safe and enjoy the experience.

Another factor to remember is, there is a difference between eating and vaping cannabis. While you will experience an instant high when you vape weed, the effects that will be experienced when eating can take up to a few hours to properly kick in.

It’s also worth remembering that the feeling will also be different from the sensation you will have after vaping.

How to use AVB (ABV) to get high

As briefly mentioned above, A mildly funny but real problem with AVB is a few people claim to have experienced ABV farts and burps after consuming vaporized weed. With these considerations, you should be in a better position to re-use AVB.

Make sure that you go both slow and low and that you enjoy the experience.

If you have any other suggestions or any opinions on what I have discussed above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’d love to hear from everyone.

As Always, Stay Elevated

Jack OG.

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