Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vaporizer Review and Guide.

Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vaporizer Review 1 1
Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vaporizer Review 1 1
Tubo Evic Portable Cannabis Vaporizer Review

Quick thoughts on the Tubo Evic

The Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vaporizer is a Handmade cannabis vaporizer made by Ralph over at lamart.ch.

The Evic is a unique device consisting of a Joytech Evic box mod connected to some coils in a female 18mm glass joint, all encased in Ralph's own wooden shell.

It comes in a wide variety of woods, or you can have it custom engraved all over.

The Tubo is a full convection vaporizing unit with the ability to vape ‘on-demand’ or with one of the session modes. This is thanks to the customizability of the Evic box mod and the firmware that is provided with it.

All this combined delivers a truly potent, and exceptional tasting vapor that compares to my Vapexhale cloud Evo desktop device, which is amazing.

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Build Quality
Portability & Discretion
Vapor Quality
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Vapor Quality
Looks great in my opinion
Loads of customization options available
Battery life is great with the dual model
Not the most portable device
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How the Tubo Evic Vaporizer Works

Tubo Evic Spiked cooling mouthpiece with cannabis

The Tubo Evic is quite a simple device to use, considering its customization ability.

When it comes to loading the Tubo it works very similarly to the Arizer Go.

You simply fill the Glass tube with your Cannabis or any other Herbs, then place it in the device.

You can then hold the power button to heat the herb or click the button between 2-4 times to activate one of the session modes.

The session modes out of the box:

  • 1 Click: On Demand Mode (Press & Hold).
  • 2 Clicks: Cruise Mode (Session mode).
  • 3 Clicks: Warm Up Mode (Cruise mode after initial Heat up).
  • 4 Clicks: Temperature Stepper (Automatically raises temp during session).
  • 5 Clicks: Power On/Off
Some of the Tubo Evic session mode settings
The 3 session mode settings (ignore the weak battery, I only had 20% left when taking these photos)

Most of these settings are adjustable. You can move ‘warm up’ mode to 2 clicks and ‘cruise’ mode to 3 clicks as an example.

You also have the options to adjust the length of the session and the number of steps in ‘temperature stepper’ mode.

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Tubo Evic Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

In the next part of my Tubo Evic Review I will break it down into manageable parts to help you better understand the device and help you decide if it is the right cannabis vaporizer for You.

Build Quality

Tubo Evic Solid Wood Dry herb vaporizer

The Tubo Evic is a solid piece of kit considering it is handmade and out of wood.

You can tell it has been built with precision and a lot of care.

I’ve had mine on the go since January 2019 and have used it every day since and it still works and feels like it did on day one.

The Battery door still fits in snug and the glass heating chamber inside the device hasn’t moved. Which is something I had mild concerns about when I first received the vape.

Portability & Discretion.

size of the tubo evic vape in hand

Due to the chunky size of the Tubo, it isn’t the most portable device on the planet.

The device without the mouthpiece measures in at approx 70 x 50 x 90mm.

You certainly wouldn’t be throwing it in your jean pockets to transport it around.

It would be ideal to take it in a bag if you had to use it on the go.

As far as discretion goes. It is going to be pretty obvious what you are up to if you whip this out in the park for a toke. The wooden frame and the glass mouthpieces are quite the giveaway.

Loading on the fly isn’t the most discreet thing to be doing either.

For me, The Tubo Evic is a home portable. This is where I use it the most and I’d happily use this over my VapeXhale most days, even though I need to change the battery a few times throughout the night.

The experience alone is worth it.

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Vapor Quality

Tubo Evic on the Anthony Dab Rig

The vapor on the Tubo Evic is where this cannabis vaporizer really shines.

You have the ability to vape it through the glass stem (like the spiked version I have) a whip, or a water bubbler.

You can even attach it to a bong, like my little Anthony Dab Rig seen in the picture.

Which, as you can see.. it milks the rig!

The results from all the options above, are an extremely potent, flavorful and smooth vapor that will knock you on your back.

Hands down the best vapor quality I have experienced from a “portable” device.


Tubo Evic AVB results

The efficiency of the Tubo Evic is top level as well. The way the device heats the herb means you are getting maximum extraction from your Cannabis.

Your AVB comes out evenly roasted after a surprisingly large amount of draws.

Certainly no burnt AVB here.

You can fill it with as little as 0.05 grams up to about 0.4 grams if you pack it in.

All in all, I am more than happy with the efficiency of the Tubo.


Another 10 out of 10 for the potency of the Tubo Evic. This thing kicks some ass. Honestly. It is as powerful a vape as anything else I have tried for dry herbs.

Thanks to the potency and the vapor quality of the Evic, it has so far been the final nail in the coffin for my smoking habit that I’d spent so long trying to kick. Joints make me Lazy haha.

Battery & Charging

UPDATE: I received my dual battery Tubo Evic so the below paragraph is no longer accurate for me. However, I’m not sure how often the duals will be made so I’ll leave it to incase.

When it comes to battery life, this is where the Tubo lets you down a little. It only takes 1 x 18560 battery and as a result, you will only get 4-5, five-minute sessions out of the device. As your batteries age, that comes down a bit.

Tubo Evic with Nitecore i4 battery charger

Thankfully the battery is replaceable so keep yourself a spare on hand like I do and you won’t have a problem.

I personally have 3 different batteries and a Nitecore i4 Battery charger which comes in handy.

Having the 3 batteries means i don’t ever run out. I do 3 sessions for every battery so by the time I get around to needing another, at least one is charged.

Ease of use

Although there is a lot of customization options with the Tubo Evic, it is actually quite easy to use. All the settings are ready to go so you just click the power button a set amount of times to access your preferred mode and off you go.

Tubo Evic Advanced settings

It’s when you get into advanced settings by pressing the ‘power up’ & ‘power button at the same time, that it takes a bit of a learning curve.

But, even then it is fairly simple for the number of things you can do with it.

As previously mentioned, you can change which modes the specified clicks access. You can change the automatic temperatures and the length of the warm-up mode. Plus so much more.

I used it with it’s out of the box settings for 3 months and was more than happy. I then spent a little time making some adjustments to the session modes after I learned how much my herb could take and now love it even more.

Here’s the Manual for the Tubo so you can have a look around.

Cleaning and Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning the Evic, like the Arizer Go, it is very simple. I haven’t had the need to clean the mod at all and when it comes to the glass, it is as simple as running it under the hot water tap.

Or, if you want to reclaim the resin you can do so with some alcohol.

I have a guide on cleaning your cannabis vaporizer.


The Tubo Evic is available with a wealth of accessories. You can buy a few different glass mouthpieces from Lamart as well as wooden stems with stainless steel herb capsules.

tubo evic spiked cooling stem and whip

I personally like the spiked glass mouthpiece and the whip with the glass whip attachment.

I would like to try the wooden stem with capsules though. They are interesting.

There is also a lot of third-party accessories available for the Tubo Evic from the likes of Eds TNT wooden stems for the Rastabuddahtao should fit, Ddave Cooling stems and most 14mm bubbler attachments should with an 18mm to 14mm male to male glass adaptor.

The Final Puff

The Tubo Evic is truly the king of handheld devices when it comes to vaporizing your cannabis.
It isn’t the most portable device on the planet but for using around the home, it is unbeatable.

I am confident that anyone who likes to vape and doesn’t mind that extra bit of bulk would be ecstatic with the vaping experience of the Tubo.

A picture of the tubo evic cannabis vaporizer

With it’s all-glass vapor path and its pure convection heating, it is hard to see how it could be bettered.

The battery life is a little disappointing but the fact that it is replaceable redeems it somewhat.

I am currently in the process of buying the Dual Battery model, so will update in due course.

Check out the latest price at Lamart

Thanks for reading

Leave your comments and your own personal review in the comments section.

Stay Elevated

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