What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer? A Quick Guide!

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A dry herb vaporizer is a device that’s used to vape dry herbs such as Marijuana or one of many other flowers.

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Dry herb vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes.

From electronic desktop devices such as the VapeXhale Cloud Evo, to butane powered, portable devices like the Dynavap range.

Whether you are looking at the portable systems or the desktop versions, There is no disputing that they are growing in popularity. Mostly due to the health benefits associated with giving up combustion of your herb.

There are very little harmful toxins when compared to smoking, making it safer and the preferred method if you don’t want to stink up your house.

When using a Cannabis vaporizer, you can medicate with a purer, more potent vapor which is a huge advantage.

Why choose a dry herb Vaporizer?

Many people choose to go down the Dry Herb Vaporizer route because they are looking for a healthier method of consuming marijuana.

Most Dry herb Vaporizers heat the herb to temperatures that are below the point of combustion, allowing them to extract the vital cannabinoids and flavor terpenes in the form of a vapor.

With the rising interest in this technology, cannabis vaporizers are advancing more every day in terms of their technical ability.

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For many years the most common heating type was conduction, which is where the herb sits on a hot plate or heated chamber.

However, there is a real push on convection heating systems which heat the herb by moving hot air over it. This provides a cleaner and more efficient ganja experience.

More info on the heating systems is available in our blog post Convection vs. Combustion Heating.

What are the Basic Functions of a Cannabis Vaporizer?

We have seen considerable growth in the overall functions of vaporizers. From the likes of the Pax 3 with its phone app and auto heating/cooling cycles to the Tubo Evic and its ability to heat up when it senses you are taking a draw.

Most popular dry herb vaporizers in this day and age allow you to have precise control over the temperature which gives us control over our high.

Lower temps allow for the consumer to have nice flavorful hits that won’t send you into oblivion or you can crank the heat up and melt away into the sofa.

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Desktop vaporizers are a bigger, more powerful units that are not easy to take everywhere. However, one of the major benefits of having a desktop device is the ability to plug it into a power source. Thus, making it more powerful and consistent.

The most common vaporizers consist of a ceramic, stainless steel or glass(quartz) heating chamber, a power source (battery, plug or butane), plus some form of screen or filter.

Depending on the heater type, the coil is heated up to a specific temperature that allows the herbal compounds to be vaporized, but not combusted.

what is a dry herb vaporizer and how to use it

As a result, we receive the best bits of our herb while avoiding most of the bad stuff you get with smoking.

I hope this helps. Need more info? We have a post on the ‘beginners guide on Vaping cannabis.’

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